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Ever wondered about the state of your fireplace’s functionality? It’s a fact: consistent care through our top-notch fireplace maintenance services is an absolute game-changer.

Many folks tend to sideline its efficiency until it’s too late. The truth is, most fireplace-related emergencies arise right in the heart of winter, precisely when you rely on its warmth. Why wait for the chill to take over before taking action? Stay steps ahead by scheduling an annual maintenance session, ideally before or shortly after winter strikes. This smart move will spare you the hassle of coping with unexpected breakdowns during the frostiest days. Prioritize your comfort today, securing your fireplace’s peak performance.

Ensure your peace of mind all winter long by scheduling your annual maintenance service. Don’t let the cold days catch you off guard with unexpected breakdowns – let us keep your fireplace in tip-top shape before or immediately after the winter season. Your worry-free winter starts with us!

What Does Our Maintenance Service Include?

Keeping your unit operating safely and efficiently for your family is our specialty and something we take great pride in.

Gas fireplace maintenance consists of these items:

  • Glass removal and cleaning with specialized gas glass cleaner
  • Vacuum logs and thorough interior firebox cleaning
  • Verification of fan functionality
  • Examination of low-voltage connections
  • Assessment and adjustment of log set positioning to prevent carbon buildup
  • Burner cleaning, including removal of any spider webs
  • Inspection and maintenance of door gasket
  • Thorough examination of the heat exchanger for any cracks
  • Conducting a carbon monoxide (C.O.) test and checking venting system
  • Cleaning and maintenance of sensors, power pile, thermocouple, and safety controls

During our visit, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your entire system.

For instance, if you notice a yellow flame, it might indicate an excess of carbon, resulting in unsightly glass on your enclosure. Don’t worry; our skilled technicians can easily resolve this issue. Say goodbye to those afternoons spent scrubbing the yellow stains from your fireplace enclosure—or simply ignoring them. We’ve got it covered!

Electric fireplace maintenance consists of the following:

  • Comprehensive external cleaning
  • Thorough examination of LED lighting
  • Verification of fan functionality
  • Cleaning and lubrication of the fan
  • Cleaning of heating elements
  • Inspection of low-voltage connections

Maximize your electric fireplace’s lifespan and efficiency with Fireplace Warehouse’s maintenance packages. Keep your fireplace running smoothly with our simple, regular servicing.

Skipping Service is Asking for Problems

  • Fireplace not working correctly
  • Excessive soot buildup
  • Trouble igniting
  • Reduced fireplace performance and efficiency
  • Burner blockage due to spider webs

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