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Napoleon Brass Bristle Wide Grill Brush

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Keep your stainless steel and porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grids clean with this wide brass bristle grill brush featuring an extra wide design and grid scraper.



Use the Napoleon Brass Bristle Wide Grill Brush to keep your Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grids clean. A clean grill is a happy grill. You should brush the stuck-on foods from your barbecue with a grill brush after every time you grill, while the grill is still hot, and again before grilling your next meal. The brass bristles on the Brass Bristle Wide Grill Brush will not damage your Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grids but will last a long time. The Brass Bristle Wide Grill Brush is eighteen inches long with a heat-safe grip on its ergonomic handle, giving you easy leverage for getting at that tough stuck-on food. This barbecue grill brush has a metal scraper on the head for particularly tough spots. The Brass Bristle Wide Grill Brush features a hanger for easy storage which means your grill brush is always within reach. Clever, multifunctional and easy to maintain, every kitchen benefits from the addition of a Napoleon barbecue accessory. Our accessories provide you with the essentials to create delicious grilled food and then some to enhance your cooking arsenal with a wide variety of creative additions to broaden your culinary horizons.

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Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 7.5 × 2.5 in
Weight (Lbs)

Width (Inches)

Height (Inches)

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